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Kaziranga Tourist Guide

Kaziranga National Park Rules and Regulations: Do's & Don'ts in Kaziranga National Park

  1. Please keep your national park entry permit & camera fee receipt handy and safe till departure from the park after completion of Elephant and Jeep safari.

  2. Please wear sober coloured attire like olive-green, khaki, brown, grey etc. inside the national park to avoid unwanted attention from wild animals. Wearing bright coloured clothes like red, white and black inside the park is not advisable at any moment.

  3. Please admire the forest and its treasured residents. Maintain a safe distance from wild animals.

  4. Take delight in visiting the habitat of the wild, but do not make noise out of momentary excitement to alarm them. Maintaining silence in the forest will help you to witness a close view into the lives of the animals.

  5. After purchasing the camera fee receipt, please feel free to take photographs as much as you wish.

  6. Do not get down from your vehicle at any point during Jeep Safari without the consent of our nature expert/trained Jeep driver.

  7. Do not tease, chase or shout at any wild animal in order to avoid its sudden attack (in fear) upon you.

  8. Do not get disappointed if you fail to see any mammal, bird or reptile of your preference in the forest. Wildlife sighting inside a national park depends more on visitor’s sheer luck.

  9. Being aware of the environmental pollution, please do not pollute the national park with non bio-degradable substances like plastics, cans, bottles etc.

  10. Please keep in mind that consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited inside the national park.

  11. Please be informed that smoking cigarettes and tobacco products in public places is an offence and punishable as per Indian Law.

  12. Do not light campfire inside the forest. Accidental fire can cause major destruction to the forest.

  13. Intrusion into the core areas of the national park is strictly prohibited.

  14. Please remember that carrying arms & ammunitions, firearms, crackers, bows & arrows or any other sharp instruments inside the national park will lead to violation of law of the State. It is a heinous crime strictly punishable by Indian law.

  15. Angling and trapping of wildlife is strictly prohibited as per Indian Law.

  16. Please carry first-aid box and medicines along with you during the entire tour.

  17. While enjoying guided trekking inside the forest, please stick to the above mentioned guidelines as much as you can for your own safety.